Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Swamp Orchid

Having said there would be no photos in future on this blog, I am now posting a photo my daughter-in-law took last Saturday.

The photo does not do the orchid justice, the spikes are nearly 2 metres tall and are simply gorgeous. I have had the plants for about four years but could not persuade them to grow and flower till this year.  There is another plant outside which is still sending up its spikes.  The orchids were once common in swamp areas from Southern Queensland coast to Central NSW coast, but are very hard to find in the wild now.
I feel like I am getting back into harness, but the frustrating part is that I now have to catch up with all the book work for our self managed superannuation fund which I have let slip since the end of May!  At least the accountant understands it may take me a while and is not hounding us for our tax information.
All my sewing stuff and paints and textile books have gone off to new homes.  Thank goodness I was able to find people in the community who are really happy to have my stuff - much better than sending it to the op shop.  I still have a collection of containers to dispose of, but they can wait. I still have quite a few pieces of my work on display in our home so I can always look at them with many happy memories. 


  1. What a beautiful plant - it must be so impressive to see at first hand. Those flowers are gorgeous and I find it hard to imagine anything so exotic growing in the wild. I hope you won't have too many problems catching up with all that paperwork. Your positive attitude will see you through.

  2. Such a magnificent orchid, great pics so sad you won't be playing any more but I suppose a new interest will arrive. Hope the paper work isn't too frustrating.

  3. Wow! That is a stunning orchid! How sad they're now seldom found in the wild, but I guess they were victims of their own beauty. Lovely to see this. Thanks.

  4. Such a beautiful orchid. Good luck with the paperwork - ugh!

  5. Glad you can take your time with the paper-work backlog. And 'double glad' you have assistance with your vision! What a beautiful orchid - and such an enormous one! I do hope you manage all your new technology - I'm such a duffer with such things, I admire your skill.


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