Friday, 19 September 2014

Returning to blogging - I hope

There will be no photos in this blog unfortunately, but at least should able to write about wehat is happening in my part of the world.
I have unfortunately had further disasters with my eye, ending with an evisceration aher the lens starting coming through the front of the eye.
However I have just returned from Brisbane with a wonderful artificial eye  which looks just like the other eye and moves with it as well.  The ocularist (a name I had never heard of) has a very interesting website showing the process he uses. Do watch the video, he painted my eye in about 25 minutes while I sat in a very bright natural light.
We  have acquired some wonderful electronic vision aids, a very high tech scanner reader which sits on my kitchen table.  We spent about two hours with the agent in Brisbane trying to learn how to use all the features and of course I can hardly remember anything now.  I will gradually learn , but it is a steep learning curve.  There are about a dozen colour combinations to use and then I can adjust for glare and contrast as well as magnification.  It will also read documents to me and many other features besides.
I also have a new computer with a 27 inch wide screen and a special piece of software called Magic which has just as many features as the scanner downstairs - and I am still trying to get my head
around them too!

After all the high tech stuff, I am wearing very low tech ugly night vision yellow glasses to cut down the glare and allow me to see what I am typing!
I spent ages getting Google to let me back in, I had to reset my password and then go through the hoops several times.  Hopefully this will publish .
Back soon.


  1. Wonderful ! I look forward to new posts from you, I have been worrying about how you were getting on.

  2. What wonderful progress you are making after such an awful ordeal. Lovely to hear from you again and looking forward to more news as you get the hang of all your new-fangled equipment. Best of luck.

  3. Robin, what an awful time you've had. Hope everything works out well with the new tech stuff. Take care.

  4. Welcome back Robin, I have been thinking of you. But what a terrible ordeal you have had you poor girl. I do hope that you will soon be an expert with your new high tech additions.
    My thoughts and best wishes are with you for the future.

  5. What an awful time you've had Robin. Looking forward to hearing more form you as you wrangle the technology.

  6. Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog. It was so good to hear from you again. I have often thought of you and wonder how you are getting on. Hope life is being kind to you.


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