Monday, 19 May 2014

Very, very bright!

 Here are the photos of the orchids I promised the other day, though the wind and the rain have almost spoilt them.  I don't know the name, they came from Bill's mother's home in Brisbane and I just ignore them other than watering them occasionally!
 I love the red centres these bromeliads get at this time of the year
The really exciting news is that I can see very brightly and could read to the second bottom line on the chart with NO glasses!  In fact I am now not wearing any glasses for the first time since I was seventeen!  I keep feeling for them, it is very strange.  I had to buy a cheap pair of magnifying glasses from the pharmacy to tide me over for close reading till I can get my eyes tested in a month's time, but I am typing this unaided - yeaaay!!!!


  1. Those orchids are beautiful. Wonderful news about your eyesight too.

  2. So pleased your cataract surgery went well!
    Your orchids are just stunning.

  3. I am thrilled for you that your eye surgery has been so successful - it makes a wonderful difference, doesn't it? Those orchids are gorgeous. They would need all sorts of cosseting over here.


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