Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Social Media workshop

Well, I have just completed a two day workshop on the use of social media to promote organisations, run by representatives of the State Library of Queensland!  I would never have believed I could find that fascinating, but I did.  Most of the participants were representing heritage collections and museums - I was there to represent our botanic gardens as a living museum.
Did you know there are over 750 million people using facebook?  There are even more people blogging using a whole lot of hosts I have never heard about before!

I really went along to learn a bit more about posting photos and events to facebook as I often struggle to get that right when I am posting for the Gardens, I mostly just read and click 'like' on my personal page!

We also heard about a site called historypin which is really interesting.  You can pin a historical photo to the map (google maps or google street view) and then ovelay it with a modern photo of the same location.  We saw several examples around Mackay - fascinating!

I will eventually set up a wordpress blog for the Gardens, but the internet access unfortunately dropped out before the workshop finished and now at home I am too tired to think properly as to how to set it up.
That can wait for a few days as I am due at the hospital at 6.45am tomorrow to have cataract surgery on my right (good) eye.  Hopefully I will be able to see contrasting colours much better by Friday!
I was going to post a photo of my lovely flowering orchid, but the rain started before I could go out to take a photo so that will need to wait a few days also.
Back soon with much better vision - I hope.


  1. That sounds very interesting but probably more technology than I can cope with! Hope all goes well with your cataract surgery. I've had both eyes done and found it a wonderful improvement.

  2. Hope your sight is much better, I don't think I need my good eye needs doing yet. so much to learn about social media but it all takes time.

  3. That sounds a really useful way to use social media Robin and I admire you for taking this on. Good luck with the eye surgery - all else can wait while you recover.

  4. Historypin sounds really useful. Thank you for passing this on.

    Wishing you a successful cataract operation. The colours are waiting for you :-)

  5. Good luck with your cataract surgery Robin. I am sure it will all go well.


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