Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A very quick post

I still have some more photos to show you from New Zealand, but not much time to load them just now, so here are a couple of shots closer to home.

 Look what is in the middle of my nodding violet - two baby doves! (Click to enlarge the photo). The mother built the nest and laid her eggs while we were away - I had been chasing her out of the pot before that!  From her point of view I suppose it is an ideal location, the eggs couldn't fall out of the stupidly spindly nest she built, and the chicks are well protected from the crows - it makes watering the pot very difficult though!

 The poincianas have been flaming all round the city for the last few weeks, this is a very good flowering season.  I had not noticed the yellow poinciana in the Botanic Gardens before - it makes a lovely contrast.
I am off to a planning dinner meeting of our Gardens committee to decide what is happening next year - back with more photos in a day or so.


  1. Those flowering trees are a glorious sight and so exotic looking to my UK eyes. Once doves have made up their mind on a nest sight it's hard to put them off. Yours obviously wanted an attractive location, unlike ours who chose the Sky dish bracket.

  2. Such cute babies. Normally doves aren't too bright at choosing safe nest sites but this one seems to have moved up a notch.

    The colour of the trees is just breathtaking.


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