Monday, 16 December 2013

A lovely evening

Last night 'Christmas in the Gardens' happened at out Botanic Gardens, held on a Sunday this year as there had been a mixup with the cafe and there was a function for 100 people there on Saturday night.

What a good thing that turned out to be - we had one of the most successful evenings ever, the weather was perfect and nobody seemed to want to go home.

 The crowd came early with their blankets and chairs and picnics
 We sold flamefree candles (battery operated) and glo stiks, which the children loved.
 They were encouraged to wave their candles around in the air
 and dance to the music
This choir was the first group to perform, with some glorious classical Christmas music, thoroughly enjoyed by the older adults, but possibly not the right group to be performing there as the little ones were getting bored!
I always come home totally exhausted after this event, but I wouldn't miss it for worlds - the joy on the children's faces is more than enough satisfaction.

And Hamish and Alexander got into the spirit.


  1. That sounds like a magical event. No wonder people didn't want to leave. Love your two little happy Santas!

  2. Looks a lovely evening - it seems so strange to us to be celebrating the Christmas period in one's shirt sleeves.

  3. Looks like a fine time! How nice to have the weather so pleasant on the day. Make Merry!

  4. I can see why you like going so much, it looks to have a wonderful atmosphere.


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