Saturday, 11 May 2013

Down Memory Lane

It is 50 years since Bill graduated as a chemical engineer and we have just come back from a wonderful reunion in Brisbane.  About 80 engineers from all the different schools of engineering plus a lot of wives attended - starting with a tour of the engineering labs at University of Queensland for the men and a look at an art exhibition for the women.  I hadn't been back to visit the University since 1960 and it has grown so huge, I couldn't remember what was there back then.
 This is the front of the lovely sandstone building, which now has been extended to a massive circle
 I love these gargoyles which have been carved by a lady who was at primary school with Bill.  I think there are about 200 of them around the uni now.
 Still taking a trip down memory lane, we visited the City Hall which has recently reopened after being closed for two years for restoration and renovation.  As part of the renovation The Shingle Inn was installed and opened.  This was an iconic cafe in another part of the CBD which had been closed sometime in the seventies as the site had been sold for redevelopment.  The owners had the whole interior removed piece by piece and they have now recreated it inside City Hall.
 The waitresses are even wearing similar uniforms to the ones they wore soon after the second world war ended - but they don't have a notebook and pencil for orders any more, it is all done on an electronic pad with a pointer!
 Our favourite order was always waffles and icecream and butterscotch sauce so of course Bill and I tried them out again - different shaped waffle, but the taste was just as good.
 This is a photo of the concert hall which obviously can be used for lots of other functions as well.  When I was at College we used to go to symphony concerts there
but this light was definitely not there then.  I can't decide whether it is okay or garish - changing coloured lights seem to be all the rage these days.  I assume it would be just the ordinary colour during a concert.

 This is the best photo I could get of the outside of City Hall, there was a very ugly tent city in the square outside for some sort of an art exhibition.  Once upon a time ( when we were still students) this was a landmark which could be seen from all over the CBD.
 This beautiful methodist church was another landmark.  I often attended services there as a child when we visited family in Brisbane as my aunts were very loyal parishioners - I had never been in a church with an upstairs balcony before and I used to love it!  We children were always sent up there, I think to Sunday School, but that part failed to make any lasting impact - I have no idea of what we did.
 Walking back to where we were staying we went through the beautiful Brisbane Arcade, still with reasonably exclusive shops, but not as fashionable as it was in the thirties, forties and fifties.  I hope it is never demolished as the architecture is lovely.
 We stayed in the very tall tower you can see at the back of these buildings, but only on the 7th floor!  We had a very comfortable serviced apartment only 5 minutes walk from the dinner venue - that made us happy.
 Here is the outside of the old Customs House, which the university has bought and uses for functions.
 Very swish meal and lots of very happy people made for a night to remember.

And I couldn't resist a last photo of one of the desserts - a scrumptious almond tart and vanilla baked custard - lovely, but I couldn't finish, too many good things all day!

Now I need to do some watering.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. How is your knee? We go to Coffin Bay on the 18th of this month, then I go to Bali on 2nd of June, home on the 10th and have the knee done on the 18th of June.
    Just hope I cope!!

  2. You must have had a great time reviving all those memories. Wonderful architecture and beautiful buildings. I'm always pleased when they are restored and cared for.

  3. What a wonderful contrast of architecture, a lovely trip down memory lane. Like the uniform from the late 40's mixed with modern technology but I'm with you on the light....!

  4. A wonderful set of photos. How you must have enjoyed your visit, seeing things that were new and those that had remained the same. The mixture of architecture is fascinating.

  5. What a great time you must have had! I would love to visit Brisbane (or anywhere else in that country ;-)
    How incongruous the church looks next to the skyscraper!!


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