Sunday, 19 May 2013

A lovely card and a day out

I admired a card which Suz had made and here it is - she gave it to me!

 It is so pretty and I will keep it for something special.
 Today I spent most of the day with the botanic Gardens Friends setting up and manning a stall at the annual Farleigh School Palm Fete.  The day was perfect - cool morning, clear skies and a light breeze.  The school does a fantastic job - there are only 31 students there now, but the committee organizes this huge event, which has over 100 stalls, mostly selling all kinds of plants, but also some craft stalls as well.  I resisted the temptation to buy more bromeliads to bring home to my garden - now I am a bit sorry!
Our stall, as well as having lots of books and pamphlets with information, was promoting this exciting children's book which will be launched next Friday.  Three of the Gardens friends have written and illustrated it, showcasing three endangered trees which are growing in the Gardens.  I will show you more photos after next Friday night, but we are all very excited.

Apart from this, I have done very little of interest - just boring paperwork for the office - oh, a bit of gardening on the side when the weather has been too nice to stay indoors.


  1. It's always the way when you have been good and not bought something! Glad you had a good day for your stall. I have been busy in the garden here and got rid of tons of weeds. I think all the rain we had last year must have suited them.

  2. Always good to resist buying yet more plants for the garden - and yes, you always regret it afterwards.

  3. I always find that when I resist buying simething I regret it later too.

  4. A lovely card and thank you for the link to Suz's blog, she has some fantastic photos on there.

    Glad the fete went well. If I buy plants on impulse the weather turns, making it impossible to plant them!

  5. I always regret not buying more plants for the garden, too. Usually I ask myself if i NEED it, and the answer is usually no. Later I beat myself up for not asking myself if I WANT it, cuz the answer is usually yes! lol Thanks, Robin.

  6. I'll be buying plants this w/e at the big craft fair.....will I plant them? ;)

    suz's cards are lovely, aren't we lucky!


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