Sunday, 3 June 2012

Kitchen dramas

 We have had some dramatic changes in the kitchen in the last couple of weeks.  While I was cooking dinner nearly a fortnight ago, I left the kitchen briefly, then heard a small explosion and tinkle of glass as I came back into the kitchen.  The ceramic cooktop had exploded into a million pieces, just like the old windscreens used to.  That caused quite a stir, I can tell you.  Fortunately I was only using one hotplate and had finished cooking anyway - and no pieces of glass went into it either!  Bill took about an hour and a half after dinner to clean up the mess and remove the 20 year old cooktop.  Of course the next day we had to go shopping for one which would fit in  the hole.

This is what we were able to buy, and I think they walked it up from Brisbane, it took so long to arrive - of course nothing was available for immediate collection in Mackay.  However, by Thursday night this was installed - very flash with no knobs, just pressure points (sorry, Bill says they are capacitance points) at the front.  All very easy to clean.

Of course I had to try it out thoroughly with some grapefruit I had been given - I had thought I would need to resort to the microwave, but the results are below.

 There was a deal of excitement from next door last Thursday as well - they are installing a swimming pool and it was dropped into the hole very late in the afternoon - with rain threatening all the time!  We had a grandstand view from the upstairs deck of our house.  There is almost no garden area left next door now, and they have installed a 6 foot timber fence as our boundary fence.  We are not entirely happy with that, will see what happens with drainage in the next downpour!

We have had several more days of miserable rain, but today was beautiful after a pea soup fog to start the day.  Just great for washing the dog and all his bedding, as well as his precious rabbit.  I am almost organised for my sojurn in hospital.  I don't have to be there till 11am on Tuesday for surgery at 1.30pm that afternoon.  Then home again on Saturday morning, all being well, which I am sure it will be.

I am hoping if you double click on these photos they will all enlarge, they always used to, but blogger is doing such strange things lately I am not sure any more.


  1. Oh Robin, the cooktop episode must have been a bit of a shock. Your new one looks fabulous and as you say it is easy to clean. You have put it to good use already.

    The crane drivers who bring in the swimming pools are amazing. I hope that you do not suffer too much inconvenience because of their changes.

    Good luck for the hospital visit: you will be home before you know it.

  2. Your new cooker top looks very smart and you have already made good use of it. It's a good job you weren't in the way when the old one went bang.
    That swimming pool looks as big as the house - they must be into skinny dipping to need such a high fence!
    Best of luck for Tuesday Robin, and a speedy recovery.

  3. Just as well you were not in the kitchen when it exploded. I have worked out the enlarging problem with photos, do wish they would explain.
    Good luck for Tuesday, hope to see lts of and sewing done!

  4. So glad that no one was hurt when that exploded. How lovely the new one looks.
    Best wishes for Tuesday.

  5. Sorry to hear about the stove dilemma, but boy, what a lovely replacement. I can see you've already made it feel at home........LOL..... I hope your neighbours' swimming pool won't cause you any concerns. Sorry to hear about the 'offending' fence.

    By now you will be getting quite close to your operation, so I am thinking about you lots. I wish you well, and look forward to hearing from you when you are well and rested. Good luck.


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