Sunday, 20 May 2012

My(?) new toy

 My wonderful husband has bought a new laptop - the biggest one I have ever seen!  It will replace his very old one, but he has set up wireless connections to the downstairs part of our house so I can use it after my knee replacement.  I am hoping it will stay down there except when he needs to take it away with him for work!  The countdown is well and truly on now - only 16 days to go!
The other photos were taken at the Palm Fete held today - in a slightly different location, run by the Farleigh School P & C, rather than the useless organisers we have had for the last 5 years.  Everything was going extremely well, lots of visitors, and lots of interest, then down came the rain! A fierce squall came across the grounds mid morning, but fortunately most of the visitors had been there since 8 am and had done their shopping.

 Maya's critters are always fascinating for the children!
 Stalls I could see from our position
My walking stick made a handy prop to keep the roof up and stop drips!  We were lucky that we were under cover, lots of the stalls had no gazebos so I am not sure what they did.  By mid afternoon the sun was shining again and the wind had dropped back to a light breeze!


  1. Sounds and looks like a great day out inspite of the weather. Glad you were under cover.
    The new laptop looks very smart - hope it will be kind to you! You have time to make friends with it before your op.

  2. I think Heather has said it all!

  3. Sorry to hear you had some rain during the big day, but thankfully not too much. I am sure it was a very interesting day.

    Love the new laptop, and I too, hope it is 'friendly' and you have fun with it. Hopefully you won't be laid up for too long. Bill is great to see that you will have some entertainment.........LOL... Take care.

  4. Wow, at least i just had the wind to deal with, no rain for a change. Love the seed pod sculpture below & I can't believe the fig grew it's own supports! We're counting the days with you ;)

  5. I love your new laptop! Is this for you or did your husband buy it for himself? It’s big, but I hope it’s lightweight so you can carry it anywhere in your house without exerting too much effort. How’s your knee replacement?

    -Benita Bolland


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