Sunday, 11 December 2011

What's flowering in the Botanic Gardens

I was on roster today at the Gardens and ventured out of the air conditioning for a short time to take these photos.  The Cassia javanica is putting on a lovely show.  It is immediately below the cafe so the patrons have an extra special view.

This is a slightly closer picture of the flowers - I was going to get really close but the ground is very uneven and I could feel the knee protesting! 
I love these Christmas orchids (Calanthe Australasus) - and I only know the Latin name because I read it on the label!

This is not a very good photo of Hymenosporum flavens flowers - a very strong northerly wind was blowing so you can see I was trying (not very successfully) to hold it still.

If you click on the photos to enlarge you should be able to see this miserable specimen of a tree with the flowers on it.  they have the most heavenly vanilla custard sort of scent which carries for a long way.  We had these trees growing in our garden when I was growing up.  The trees are native to the coastal ranges behind Mackay, but this tree does not look nearly as strong and healthy as our used to look.  The flower clusters are bigger, but the flowers themselves are only about half the size as those on the trees in my home town.  I find that interesting as the climate there is supposed to be all wrong for them.  I remember seeing dozens of them when we were in Adelaide a couple of years ago.  I haven't heard thatthere are different varieties, so shall have to inquire further.
Huge storms all round Queensland for the last day or so.  We had a massive electrical storm last night, but only 36 mm rain and thankfully no wind so no damage.  Jock couldn't care less thank goodness.  More storms everywhere today - I hope they all vanish before next weekend.  We are scheduled to have Christmas in the Gardens next Saturday night and we don;t want it washed out for a second year


  1. Glorious blossoms Robin and lovely to see when everything here is going to sleep for the winter. There seem to be storms right round the world. Scotland and the north UK took a terrible bashing a few days ago but we just had strong winds. Hope your weather holds for the Christmas celebrations.

  2. Lovely photographs again Robin. I never seem to have a still day for taking photographs outdoors!! We get a lot of wind here for some reason. I heard there was some good rain up there. We have had some nice falls, and it's cooled down a tad. I hope too that your Garden Christmas festivities are not ruined. Things are really quiet down here, perhaps people are still in shock after January's disaster!! Take care.

  3. Thanks for another trip around the gardens Robin. I do like to see the colour when so much of it is lying dormant here. Hope that you get through the next lot of storms without any damage.


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