Friday, 9 December 2011

Cards sent and received

Our fibre Fever group has a Christmas card exchange taking place.  The card above is the one I received from Margreet and the one below is what I sent to Janny.

I have also received a very early birthday card from Margreet (wrapped separately) with instructions not to open it till 14 January!  Margreet's cards are always so lovely I am going to be sorely tempted long before then!
There is not anything else I can show you yet - I am still struggling to find my way with this wretched fibromyalgia, I was fine a couple of days ago and today I can barely move, no idea of what is different.  Very frustrating, I want to work on Lynda's book some more and I desperately need to get out into the garden to attack the weeds!  We have finally had about 16mm rain so everything is looking lovely and green again.  Just showers and storms in our area, if you were lucky enough to be underneath one.  Some people recorded anything up to 60 mm! 
No Christmas decorations up yet, the grandkids will be with me for the day next Tuesday so the tree will go up and be decorated (or overdecorated) then.  Last year it was way over the top, but who cares - Christmas is for children and they thought they had done a beautiful job!  I will post a photo when they have finished.


  1. Easy on the gardening Robin and look after yourself. The cards are beautiful and no peeking at your birthday card till January!!
    A sparsely decorated Christmas tree is definitely underdressed!

  2. Heather said far better what I was thinking.

  3. Lovely cards Robin, and I hope you are feeling a little better by now. I had a feeling certain foods contributed to the symptoms but am not sure. I would not be able to wait to open my card - I'm no help in that department..........LOL.

    Pleased you had some rain. It has been hanging around here for days, and could move off now for a little while.

    I hope you have fun with the children decorating the tree. Take care.


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