Saturday, 30 April 2011

Busy times

Not a lot I can show you today.  I have been doing a few other things, but they are winging their way overseas at present, so later.....This is a scarf I felted for my grand daughter in Canberra - her choice of colours.  I am still a novice at getting the measurements right, but practice makes perfect they say!
We had a very pleasant Easter - seems a long time ago now.  The weather was simply magic.  After all the rain we have had over the past few months, this was the first Easter I can remember when there was NO RAIN during the four days!  The fifth day (a holiday here in Oz) spoilt the spell a bit, but mostly at night so didn't worry us.
Our son Stuart from Canberra has been visiting his daughter so they were both staying here, keeping us on our toes.  Hannah is learning the flute at school and I really wanted a photo of her playing - she is not very good yet, but at least the noises are pleasant to listen to, not like a violin.  HOwever the only photo I managed to get was the one below, just before we left for the airport for Stuart to fly home - to weather very different from ours.

Next week will be busy as well because the annual Sugar technologists' conference will be in town.  Jock will have a holiday at the dog kennels so bill can concentrate on running the conference - for the very last time.  That is cause for real celebration.  He has finally found someone else to take over the role of secretary, so he will be able to sit back and enjoy the conference next year with no responsibility - and he will have a lot more spare time for his other work during the year.
Hannah and I watched the wedding last night, while Bill and Stuart were cross the football telecast was delayed!  The dress was so beautifully elegant, and she looked simply stunning.


  1. That scarf is beautiful Robin - I love the colours - lovely family photo too. It was hot here over Easter - more like August than April, and we are desperate for rain. You don't often hear anyone in England say that - we're usually complaining of too much. Glad you enjoyed the wedding - it was a fantastic occasion wasn't it?

  2. Beautiful Scarf Robin.
    love the colours.
    Have a great weekend

  3. I think the scarf looks lovely Robin, and nice to see you've done a little more felting. Pleased your Easter wasn't marred by rain. Lovely photo of the family. Hope the conference goes well. I watched a little of the wedding, and then had to watch the football. Loved the hats [for the most part anyway].

  4. Your scarf has truly inspired me ...its fabulous!


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