Tuesday, 12 April 2011

And the sun shall shine!

This picture is of the second postcard I received for the Age of Enlightenment swap - it is from Vicki Welsh, celebrating the first Transcontinental Railroad - surely a major achievement back then.

The rain has stopped and the sun has shone for three whole days now - gorgeous Autumn weather, still hot in the middle of the day, but you can feel the nights getting much cooler - yippee.  I have even had to water some of my pot plants!  We really shouldn't be complaining aboutthe amount of rainfall we had here in the city - just on 900 mm for March.  Some of the places about 20km north of town had 1600mm - that is 64 inches in the old scale - and that was just in one month, after they have been having heavy rain for months!!!

Alexander turned 8 yesterday, but he had his party on Saturday.  The rain held off all day, Dougal was able to mow the lawn for the kids to run around, then he cooked a BBQ for the family afterwards, and the rain started just as we sat down to eat - brilliant.

Present opening is very important!
Nothing much creative has been happening here.  We now have a new cordless phone after plenty of drama, but the store was very helpful.  We bought a panasonic model a bit over two years ago, thankfully taking out an extended warranty.  One year and one month later it gave up the ghost.  That time the store simply replaced it - we took out an extended warranty again.  Guess what - one year and one month later this one stopped working also - we couldn't believe it.  Back to the store to find the policy had changed - it had to be sent away to repair.  However today we had a call to say we were being issued with a store credit as the phone could not be repaired and that model was no longer available - thank goodness, I didn't want another one like that anyway.  This one, a Telstra phone, is silver so I should be able to see the numerals much more easily.  I detest the way everything is black on black these days, almost impossible for older people to see, even without my handicap.  Tomorrow will be the test, the two phones are charging now.  I missed my cordless phone so much for the week without it, I could cart it outside while gardening, or continue cooking, or all sorts of other things you can't do while attached to the wall!  Cheers.


  1. Great postcard and I love Alexander's birthday pics. We've had the driest March for 50 years! Hope the new phone behaves itself.

  2. Glad the rain has stopped for you...thank goodness it is autumn and the grass wont be growing as quickly. Hope the sun lasts. I remember winter in Mackay...after 9am we went out in summer clothes...the cold never lasted long.

  3. What happy pics of the birthday celebrations. Our weather down here is cooling off and the trees are changing colour.

    I hope the new phone is more successful.

  4. Love the card Robin, but then Vicki's work is always wonderful. Happy Birthday to Alexander, and thankfully, most of the day was pleasant. He looked interested in his gifts anyway. Do I see a pirate theme there?? Hope the new phone behaves and you can continue to talk and work at the same time......LOL...

  5. Lovely card. Alexander's birthday pics show that he certainly enjoyed himself. We could do with some of the rain you had, it seems to be missing us at the moment. Lovely to enjoy but not good for the gardens.


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