Tuesday, 23 November 2010

November fabric pages

These are two views of the fabric page I sent to Barbara in Germany for November.  Her chosen theme is 'view through an open window'.  The picture is a TAP image of a photo of a lovely garden we saw in Richmond in Tasmania last year.

Claudia sent me this love.y, delicate page in my theme of nature.  That can lead to so many variations, I didn't know much about what I was supposed to be choosing when I selected that theme at the beginning of the year, but I am so glad I chose it.

Here is a picture of the United nations family of ours in Auckland!  My brother's widow is on the bottom left.  We had so much fun meeting everyone.  They are still allowed to have fireworks for Guy Fawkes night there and Peter (top left) had bought a huge arsenal to let off in the back garden after this photo was taken.  We haven't been allowed to set of fireworks ourselves in Queensland for decades, so this was a novel experience.

I was trying to load some photos of the penguins we saw nesting and two photos of a Spalvin's albatross, one on the water and then it taking off - they are so majestic.  Blogger rejected  the lot tonight so I shall try again tomorrow.  Dale from The Thread Studio gave me a link to a site where I can upload a video effect, but I haven't even edited many photos yet.  Maybe tomorrow!


  1. I love your Through an Open Window page Robin - it's fantastic. Super family photo - it's so nice to have everyone together and will bring back lots of happy memories for you. I sometimes wish we weren't allowed to have fireworks. Nov.5th is OK and maybe New Year but they seem to be set off at any time and pets hate them.

  2. Robin, your window page is superb. What a lovely idea, and the TAP image has worked well. I also love the nature page you've received, a lovely addition to your collection. What a lovely family photo, everyone together and happy. Good luck next time around with the photos. I remember the fireworks as a child, but now one has to go to 'an event' to see such things. I do agree with Heather though, they do make most pets cringe. Take care.

  3. Such a lovely view from the open window. It turned out really well and the one you received is lovely too.

    What a fantastic family photo. Something to treasure forever.


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