Thursday, 25 November 2010

More from New Zealand

This incredible bridge is outside Kaikoura on the east coast of the South Island, it was only opened in June this year. 

I must have about 20 photos taken from every different angle imaginable - my engineering husband wanted to record every detail!  It forms part of a long walking track around the Kaikoura township, just stunning.

This blue penguin and the yellow eyed penguin below are on their nests.  I was over 20 metres away from them, although they look so close.  Do click on the photos to enlarge them.

The yellow flowers around this nest look so pretty and are the most appalling pest - broom introduced by the British to make hedge fences in the early days.  The Scots brought out gorze and the two plants have covered miles of hillside - anywhere where the soil has been disturbed has been taken over.  While it is flowering the yellow landscape is very pretty, but devastating to the local wildlife.

This looks much better enlarged - a Spalvin's albatross, which our guide said is very rare in the waters around Dunedin, so we were priveleged, even more so when it took off a few minutes later.

I am so tired, I still haven't caught up with all the paperwork, though it has diminished.  I have another eye injection tomorrow morning, then I hope to be able to do some sewing tomorrow afternoon.  Time is passing and I have commitments which I don't want to be late with. I have various ideas in my head, just have to make them work.


  1. Wonderful photos Robin - the bridge is amazing and I love the penguins. Hope you will soon feel less tired and find time to do your sewing.

  2. I love the bridge-have a thing for architecture.

  3. Isnt that bridge amazing.I am sitting in bed with frozen peas as an ice pack on my knee, going trough e mails and blogs.
    So far no pain, a very long day though. Know what you mean about tired at least I dont have to have eye injections. I am nowhere near ready for Xmas!

  4. Robin, that bridge is amazing. No wonder you have taken so many photographs!! I love it. Is there any significance to the curving pieces in the structure?? Love the bird photos to, especially the big guy setting off in flight!!

    Do hope the eye settles after the injection, and you can do your allotted tasks, nobody else will do them!!

    Take care, and try not to stress. How is the hayfever patient??

  5. How lovely to see such sunny pictures when its bitterly cold here.What a shame about the broom being so unpopular. I had one in our garden and it died!

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time Robin - it sure is hot over there at present - haven't been to Kaikoura for years - might be time soon??

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous bridge. So beautiful.


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