Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More Tassie photos

I haven't quite fallen off the edge of the earth though sometimes you must all wonder if I am continuing to blog! I came home from Tasmania with a rotten sinus infection which took a lot longer to cure than I wished, then I have had a sick computer as well. Our office is chaotic at present - Bill has 7 computers all hooked up while he is trying to set up two new ones which arrived on Friday!!! He is transferring files from one to another and looking for manuals with registration numbers in to put up programmes - and telling me that of course I have lost them, he has looked in all the bookshelves and they are NOT there! Funnily enough they always turn up later in the same bookshelves. I will just be glad when everything is sorted, but then the steep learning curve will start again as I need to learn Windows 7 as well as the latest version of Quicken. Every new version of Quicken always has something in it that I hate, but I just have to get used to the system.

Anyway, while the internet is working, I thought I would load a few more photos from our trip. I had to take the photo above to send to my sister. Years ago she came to England with Bill and me and we drove around for several weeks. When we were in Yorkshire we kept getting stuck behind tractors in narrow lanes - over and over and over. When we came home (this was before digital cameras) we couldn't believe that we had not taken one photo of a tractor on the roadway in front of us!
This was taken at Woodbank, one of the beautiful gardens we were taken to see during the conference. It should enlarge if you click on it. I was fascinated by the numbers of dead trees standing in the forests. Our guide said that Tasmania has no termites so sometimes the dead trees will remain standing for up to sixty or seventy years. In Queensland they would be eaten out and have fallen over in only a couple of years.

These two photos were taken in the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens - the roses were just glorious and the colour in the irises was stunning.
Here is our adolescent boy who has definitely reached the naughty stage! He is still gorgeous, but is into everything and has discovered he can jump onto beds and chairs - till I see him, then he is off in a flash. He loves pinching small toys belonging to our grand daughter which she leaves on a bed here - I have to make absolutely sure everything is zipped up tightly inside bags, if there is even a little crack he manages to get into them again.

He is so curious about everything that happens and is into every cupboard I open, just to look and see what is there. He also loves the car, heading straight in if the door is opened. Jack used to get car sick so he hated going anywhere in the car, quite a nuisance when we needed to take him to the kennels or the vet etc.
I had better stop while the going is good and see if this will post. Cheers.


  1. Good luck with your computer Robin - rather you than me! I can just about manage to blog, read and send emails and that is my lot. Oh, and buy books from Amazon! What beautiful roses and irises and wonderful scenery. Do you think that providing Jack with toys of his own might help save him getting hold of your grand-daughter's toys? Our daughter's little dog has never chewed or 'stolen' anything but has several doggy toys to keep her entertained.

  2. Jock looks gorgeous.
    I would love to go back to Tasmania but dont know when, it would help if the milk company paid us somethng reasonable.
    Hope the computer problems resolve, I know what it is like here but we only have 2 linked up.

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