Sunday, 29 November 2009

Help, help

I have just woken up to the fact that I have three weeks left to do everything before we go away for Christmas! Going away so many times this year has been so much fun........but the consequences seem not nearly so good. I have resorted to THE LIST on the front of my fridge so I check it every time I go there. I will soon end up with another list upstairs too and probably a third one somewhere else. Provided I really take notice of them I guess everything will happen somehow. Textile play will have to be on the far back burner till after New Year I fear.

Here are some more photos from our Tasmania trip. The top one is a view of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. they have the most glorious setting on slopes on the bank of the Derwent river.
We were taken up to the top of Mt. Wellington overlooking the city. I never thought I would be standing up there in a short sleeved shirt with no other layers and feel quite comfortable. We were almost hot. One of our Garden Friends had driven up there a few weeks earlier - they had started in bright sunlight, then had rain, hail, sleet, snow and a whiteout!! Needless to say it was also freezing.

I was fascinated by the large bumblebees we saw all over the place. The other honeybees were around in huge numbers also, but no butterflies. I asked someone about that, he said it was still too cold, but they don't get the large colourful butterflies we have on the mainland at all, theirs are mostly small and quite dull colours - I wonder why?

I just loved the cold climate gardens we saw, will probably keep posting photos of the lovely flowers over the next couple of weeks. These two aquilegas were gorgeous. If you click on any of the photos they should enlarge.

I had better start to gather some photos together for our annual Christmas card/letter. I have just looked at a copy of last year's where I was bemoaning the fact that the year seemed to have vanished before it began, I think this year has vanished even faster.


  1. As we say here, Robin Mac, time flies when you are having fun.
    I am a big believer in lists - then when you have completed a job you can put a big line through it. Good luck with getting everything done in time. I am sure you will.

  2. What beautiful photos of your trip to Tasmania Robin. Like Weaver, I too rely on lists for everything and feel comforted as the items get crossed off. Don't panic - you'll get it all done in time.

  3. Not true, I am sure things wont get done, cards, oh help!

  4. The photo from the top of Mt Wellington is stunning. I love the aquilegas they look so delicate and yet they are really strong.


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