Sunday, 14 June 2009


Two little gumnut fairies from the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie series put out by Bradford Mint hanging on my kitchen wall. I can't move this photo which I loaded after I had written the piece below. My mother bought the series of 5 plates - two each were given to my sister and me, then the last one was to go to whichever great grand child appeared first- that plate now resides in New Zealand.

The Weaver of Grass posted photos of her favourite plates after a message from Elizabeth in new York and I thought I would like to show some of my favourite plates also. The one above is a Royal Doulton plate given to my parents for a wedding present in 1936. The picture is of Richmond Castle, which we visited in 1997.

My mother hand painted this little covered butterdish in the early 1920s - I never use it now, but I have it in the front of my china cabinet where I can see it, I could not bear to throw it out.

This silver plate by Don Shiels was given to us for our silver wedding anniversary and hangs on the wall in our kitche.

This lovely plate hangs next to it. This has a picture of the Nimb palace in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and was given to me as a present when Bill and I attended a sugar conference there in 1983. We had a wonderful dinner in this palace to close the conference, so I have fond memories.

This Royal Copenhagen dish was part of a complete dinner service brought out to Australia in the early 1920s by Bill's grandfather. We have some very large meat platters which also belonged to the service, but nobody knows what happened to the rest of it - such a shame, they are lovely. We visited the factory of Royal Copenhagen during the sugar conference, which I found fascinating, but I wouldn't like to be the women doing the hand painting every day, very exacting and to me very monotonous.


  1. fabulous plates Robin - it's all been a lot of fun

  2. Your plates and dishes are so lovely Robin and most unusual. Thankyou for taking part and sharing them with us. Each one shown is a treasure and has it's own special memories.

  3. What a fabulous collection.
    Loved them all but the little butter dish is such an unusual delight.
    My parents were married in 1937 so liked the plate from that era.
    The Royal Copenhagen is an ageless classic and very beautiful.
    Glad I tracked you down!

  4. This is a lovely collection - particularly the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie one, just too fun. I was just at Tivoli a couple of weeks ago, so it's fun to see the Nimb Palace plate too. How wonderful to have had dinner there!

  5. I love the plates and am thinking I should get out a few more of mine, too many paintings on the walls to hang them but some lovely ones and I must do an inventory.
    so lovely to see every one elses plates.

  6. What a wonderful collection.


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