Wednesday, 3 June 2009

More Textile Convention

Another collection of photos from the weekend. My computer and printer were not talking to me properly yesterday and by the time Bill fixed it all up we had to go off to a meeting......aargh! the photos of the Connections display aren't marvellous, but I loved seeing them all in reality - and recognising so many names from Playways and other workshops we have all participated in.

This was part of the Bernina Art to Wear display - awe inspiring.

The work in these quilts is amazing.

Words can't begin to describe the beauty of these pieces below by Beth Miller

They are truly magical, I spent ages just gazing.

We were all textile showed out after two days so spent Sunday visiting the Gallery of Modern Art to see the China Project by contemporary Chinese artists - interesting, but not always to my taste. I love the gallery though and the way they have made it so child friendly.
Lastly we visited the Queensland Art Gallery to see the superb exhibition on American Impressionism and Realism. If you are in Brisbane before September 20, do make an effort to see it - some wonderful paintings, I think the exhibition from the New York Met is only going to Brisbane. Several portraits by John Singer Sargent, the luminosity in his paintings is incredible, also some lovely child portraits by Mary Cassatt, and too many others to mention. What a way to end a fabulous weekend.
Now I have to get down to work, before I go away again in just under a fortnight!


  1. Great photos Robin,
    i love those portrait ones, amazing.
    I saw Beth Miller's in Melbourne earlier this year and just loved them, they were so textural, I just took close up photos of sections, so thankyou for the full blown photos. (I only had my camera phone)

  2. Awesome pictures! Unbelievable...the artwork you are showing!
    Just amazing..thank you so much for sharing! Really enjoying this!

  3. What wonderful art works Robin - thankyou so much for showing us your great photos. It must have been a super weekend and thank Bill for fixing the computer so we could all enjoy it too.

  4. More wonderful photos Robin, thank you. I can't wait to see Connections at Ally Pally in October.


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