Sunday, 1 February 2009

A few more samples

Not a lot to post tonight, but it is a while since I said anything, I really felt I should put something up. These are some samples from the Ratty Tatty Papers course which Dale is running. The one above is some silk paper, made the easy way with spray starch on baking paper, very quick and easy if it is going to be backed for a project. I do love the textile medium method though if I am making a bag or something similar.

These silk paper castings are fun to do and a different effect from paper castings.

I had never tried making silk paper from rods before - so easy!
These couple of photos are from the Fibre-in-form class I am doing. I am reasonably happy with the colours which have come out, though I don't think this is the effect the class was actually about!

These are two little canvases which were coloured over moulding paste stencils. I like these, though as I said in another group, I wouldn't necessarily have chosen to put a heart in the lower one. Hannah, my grand daughter was with me when I was doing it and insisted! I will give her the canvas later.

This is being written very slowly while I have one eye on the tennis - I think we will be very late going to bed tonight, it looks like being a marathon, and is too exciting to leave!
There is no doubt that Australia is a land of complete contrasts - the poor souls in Victoria and South Australia with that terrible heat, and also the awful fires in Victoria. We have been coasting along with some light rain every day, but now it is our turn to be concerned - there is a cyclone off the North Queensland coast which is slowly deepening. We have had about 150 mm rain in the last 24 hours, with lots more to come, plus the winds have been gusting up to 60 km hour for the last couple of days. I imagine the people in Mackay who were flooded out last February will be getting a bit worried again. We have very large king tides next week also - 6.59metres.
I can't keep writing, the tennis is too exciting - more anothertime.


  1. Great samples Robin I love them all

  2. Love that silk paper Robin - I want to start machine embroidering on it right away - I fancy a dark backing (I think) but would really have to try several different ones before I made up my mind. Very exciting piece of work.

  3. Thanks for those. Another way of casting to add to the growing list of different methods.
    We were able to watch the tennis at a more civilised time - Sunday morning finishing around noon. Hard to watch when I didn't want either player to lose.

  4. Great samples again Robin. Do hope that the weather doesn't get too destructive for you. It certainly does seem odd when over here wear reading of people dying in your heatwave and yet on the other side of the country things are so different. Being a small country, although we get regional variations we don't get the same extremes at the same time. Maggi

  5. Love all your pieces Robin, the colours and textures are gorgeous. Hope you get the result you want from the tennis.

  6. Hi Robin. I love your silk paper castings the colours are a perfect choice for me! And your little box on the previous post is gorgeous. xx

  7. Glad you are safe from floods, fires and drought Robin. The snow here is thawing fast now and looking very dreary after all its magical pristine whiteness. The novelty is definitely wearing off!! Looking forward to seeing what you will do with your lovely silk papers.

  8. Your work is beautiful. I'm sorry now that I didn't sign up for Ratty Tatty Papers this time around.


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