Tuesday, 10 February 2009

ATCs received

Today I received these two ATCs in the mail as my exchange for the Cyber Fyber exhibition. The top one is made by Jean titled Autumn. I am not sure where Jean comes from but I am very glad to have her ATC.
This very striking ATC was made by Joni of South Carolina. Thank you to both girls.

My daughter in law Nikki has just had a birthday so I made her these two little containers for her MP3 player and the earphones. I had to put a hole in the bottom of the smaller container to allow the cord to plug in. Took a while to work out what I would do, but suddenly remembered I have an eyelet kit for my Bernina - did the job brilliantly. Now I have remembered it I shall have to use it more. I remember seeing some beautiful creations done by making lots of different sized and coloured eyelets. I am not certain I will have the patience to make a whole page of eyelets, but we shall see.
Yesterday was our 41st wedding anniversary and today is Dougal and Nikki's 9th so we all went out to dinner tonight to one of the local steakhouses - we had all the family with us so had to be family friendly. Lovely to celebrate together as a family though - we all came back to our house for icecream and coffee to finish up - and watched the end of an exciting one day cricket match, which the Australians won!
The cricketers all gave their day's earnings to the bushfire appeal. There was an appeal conducted around the grounds during the day and sponsors kept ringing in with donations as well. I think over $3million dollars was raised today - what a wonderful achievement for such a worthy cause. The whole nation is in mourning over the tragedy. The floods in North Queensland pale in comparison.


  1. Hi Robin
    just got your email
    glad atc arrived safely, not very good at trying to write small on the backs

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. The containers are beautiful -are they embellished?

  3. I love that first one it has given me an idea so shall be doing some textile work shortly.
    We all watch the awful bush fires here on our news - it is so very tragic and such a loss of life.

  4. Congrats on your wedding anniversary.
    Love the little bags.

  5. We are mourning with you - such a huge tragedy is almost beyond comprehension. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Great ATCs and I love the little bags you made. It's always good to have something practical which looks so attractive.


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