Monday, 5 January 2009

More altered book pages

This was a stamp of Utee, melted and coloured.

Tyvek and paper casting

Silk paper motif

More paper casting
These first pictures are of what I have put on some of the pages of my altered book. I seem to have run out of inspiration - and time, so I am probably going to leave the other pages undecorated for the time being. I am waiting forthe gesso to dry on the cover, then I will make a closure and be ready for the next challenge coming my way. Not sure when Maggie is posting her next lesson, but I have signed up for the Fibre-in-Form workshop which starts on Friday. I seem to recall that my New Year's resolution for 2008 was to have a 'learn to' year. I think that has rolled over to 2009, it fell by the wayside about three months into 2008!
When I read all the things other bloggers have achieved in the past year, I feel very lazy, but I have managed to learn a lot of new techniques and had a lot of fun, and that is probably a very good aim to have in life.

This is a photo taken from a viewing platform in our Botanic Gardens. It was taken a while ago, so the foliage has grow even more now, I never seem to be there at the right time of day with the sun shining, to get a similar photo again for comparison!
Jack (our blue heeler) and I went walking there for the first time in about three weeks today. the breeze is blowing so the weather is bearable at present. I can't cope with walking when the temperature is 32 degrees celcius and the humidity is about 80%. Jack absolutely hates the heat, even today he had had enough after about half an hour and wanted to turn for home!
This is just the start of our wet season, which looks like being a proper one for a change. We have had some beautiful rain over the last couple of weeks. The forecast is for some cyclones this season, which certainly bring the rain in the tropics, but i must confess to being a nimby where they are concerned. I know we need them, but I would just like the rain they bring, the destructive winds can go elsewhere thankyou.
My three year old grandson Hamish had his tonsils and adenoids removed this morning. How times havechanged. His mother took him to the hospital at 7am, he wentto theatre at 9am, and he went home just after 1 pm, having been a model patient! The poor little mite had a very sore throat to start with as he had a bout of tonsillitis, so I suppose the sore throat when he woke was not much worse. He was allowed to eat custart, then vegemite sandwiches before he went home. I remember our boys having to stay in hospital for a couple of nights when their tonsils were removed. This seems much better, mother and child are much more relaxed at home.
Time for bed, more soon.


  1. I love the page with the silk paper motif Robin.
    Poor Hamish--it's strange but people used to be only allowed to eat ice cream once--like you said times change.

  2. Hi Robin. Your altered book is wonderful. Each page could stand alone as an individual mixed media piece! Gorgeous colour! Hope Hamish is feeling better soon. It amazes me when you talk about your weather, at the moment its terribly cold over hear in England with some beautiful morning frosts. Not so beautiful when trying to walk on them though! Our hospital have been busy with an increase in fractures!! xx PS. Must ask whats 'nimby'? xx

  3. Love to Hamish - no doubt he'll soon be back to normal. Jack sounds a very sensible dog and shares my sentiments about heat and humidity, though a little wouldn't go amiss right now - we've been down to -10 overnight in some areas. Your book pages are gorgeous - I am experimenting with various paints and sprays on Tyvek, Lutrador, nappy liners and anything else I can lay my hands on, to decorate mine. It's funny, or perhaps not, how creativity just ups and leaves quite suddenly sometimes. Never mind, take a breather and it will soon be back. Hope you get peaceful rain and manage to avoid the stormy winds.

  4. I love your paper casting. You must have learnt quite a bit in 2008 despite what you said.

  5. Beautiful book Robin, I love the different techniques you've used

  6. Love your pages, I forgot about tyvek but then I didnt take any away with me and your silk paper looks really interesting. I am just waiting until the house is free before I try the melted utee as I dont want accidents and am not very confident with under teens around. Poor Hamish, I remember having mine out and I was so sick with the ether we were given way back then.


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