Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A few more samples

The Ratty Tatty Papers class has begun, with some wonderful work being posted by the other participants. This was my first effort - the photo above is of the grid I made on one part of the napkin, then the photo below is of the finished piece. I have found some more interesting napkins which I shall start working on soon.
I am having to take turns inthe three courses I am doing, so here are some samples ffro the Fibre-in-Form class. They look a bit strange at present with no colour added to them - that will come in the next lesson, I have just realised that will be this Friday. OMG I am not ready!

This is woven strips of tyvek, embroidered then heated and afterwards stitched to the backing.

Moulding past was applied over the top of rows of automatic machine stitches - interesting results.

This is more tyvek over the top of couched yarns, all giving interesting textures. Next week should be even more fun.
I am going to make a box for my little book to go inside next. But I have had a most unproductive couple of days - a round of doctor's visits and medical procedures and general boredom. I also need to see a dentist, have had to postpone the next Leucentis injection for my eye, need to wait two months after the last one before having dental treatment, then another month after the dental treatment before I can have another injection - it all goes on forever, but at least I am still here to tell the tale, mostly hale and hearty, even if I am feeling very poor after making the doctors rich.
The weather has been quite pleasant here the last week or so, little showers, a pleasant breeze and not unbearable humidity. Unfortunately the long range weather forecasters are now saying that we are unlikely to have a la Nina event this year so probably not a proper wet season................again! I can't remember the last time we had a 'normal' wet season, though I am not quite sure what 'normal' is meant to be now.
Time for bed. Back soon.


  1. Hello there, what a beautiful work!
    Love it!Can I ask you what you do with the napkins, you tear them afterward you stitch them?
    I hope that you do not mind if I follow you around a bit?
    Thanks do much for sharing....

  2. Hi Robyn. I love your Ratty Tatty Paper outcome and I'm looking forward to seeing the colour go onto your Fibre In Form pieces. Oooooo a box on the way!! I will be poping back for that one. Hope all goes well with dentist and injections. Take Care. xx

  3. The Ratty Tatty paper samples look very interesting - I was dying to know what they were all about! The Tyvek pieces are lovely too - you are a busy lady. Good luck with the injections and dental treatment. You'll soon be as good as new. Look on all that money as a good investment, after all, as the cosmetic advert says 'You're worth it'!!

  4. Hi Robyn - everything is looking very interesting! Love all the texture and it is great to see your works "in progress". Have fun, Deb


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