Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Carols and Christmas

Well the Carols are over, and despite the awful weather, they were a fantastic success. We had the threat of a thunderstorm about 2pm, then the sun came out again, the temperature was about 33 degrees celcius, with humidity about 80%. People cam, flopped on the grass, enjoyed their picnic teas, the adults wilted and the kids had a ball.
The lower photo is not very good, but gives a bit of an idea of the children waving their candles around in time to the songs.
The presents are nearly all made - just one to finish - then to wrap them all, the cake is iced, the pudding is hanging, chaos reigns in this house, but what the heck, that is what Christmas and families is all about.
I hope you all have a wonderful, joyous Christmas, see you all later in the year, or maybe not till inthe New Year.


  1. Have a very Happy and enjoyable Christmas Robin.

  2. I can't get used to seeing these hot outdoor christmases on so many of my favourite blogs.

  3. I cannot begin to imagine what Christmas in a warm climate must be like. Even my friends in California lead a life so unlike mine (I live in Kansas) at this time of year that it's hard to relate. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, though.

  4. What a lovely gathering, and how nice to be able to organise an outdoor event confident of good weather - we can't do that even in summer! It's minus 2 degrees here at present so hopefully the low temperatures will kill of a few garden bugs and cold and flu germs. Good Luck with your Photo shop program - rather you than me!!


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