Monday, 1 December 2008

Books and ATCs and more

I can't believe how long it is since I last posted, where has it all gone? These pictures are of the books I have been making from Maggie's online lessons - lots of fun, but a lot of challenges for me. I have never made books before or added pages to anything either. The pages in the taller book are a rough paper I bought at a scrapbooking shop which I have then sprayed with moonshadow mists before stamping with various flower stamps. I think I am happy with the result.

I used translucent liquid sculpey for the first time with this cover - another first for me, they are coming thick and fast the further I go with these lessons.

It is hard to see in this photo but I used white sketchbook paper which I sprayed with about three different glitzspritz sprays one after the other while they were still wet, it was fun to see the way the colout moved around on the page. I am going to send this one to my sister as part of her birthday present - then I will need to start making her something for Christmas as well!
Annica and I swapped postcards recently -this is the one I sent to her, made on my embellishing machine

and this is the lovely one which Annica sent to me:

Another inspiring edition of WOW is on the web today, and I know Dale said she was posting out the latest Quilting Arts magazines before she left for NZ, then the next lesson for Maggie has been downloaded - no wonder I haven't posted and probably won't for another few days, too much is happening! When I went to Coles supermarket today they had a very large sign outside saying how many sleeps were left till Christmas, don't think I needed to be reminded about that.
I had better go and cut up some fruit for the next Christmas cake, one is made and two to go, then two boild plum puddings. I only do them about two or three days before we will need them so I don't have to freeze them. Here in the tropics they go mouldy in our hot humid weather if they are left for more than a few days. I have been know to rescue one or two by cutting off the outside mouldy layer and pouring over a lot more brandy! Would prefer to have the whole pudding though. We always have a cold Christmas dinner, far too hot to be slaving over a stove, but can't do away with tradition altogether.
Back again before too long I hope.


  1. Your books look fantastic. I agree, too much to do and not enough time. The embellished postcards are great, maybe we could do a swap on Embellishandenrich after Christmas.

  2. Your books are beautiful and the embellished postcards are too. Glad to know you manage to keep some traditions going over Christmas inspite of your very different climate. My Dad would have approved of the rescued mouldy pudding and it's extra brandy - he always said the 'gravy' was the best part!! He wasn't really a drinker though.

  3. This makes me get itchy fingers to get back into mixed media. I'll have to hurry and finish my knitting before the inspiration dissipates.


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