Thursday, 19 November 2015

Positive news

Well, I have to say I am now getting quite excited about the move of the library into the CBD.  Friends of the Library had a presentation and a walk through the empty building this morning.  One of the major concerns we had originally was that the Heritage Collection, a very important repository for Mackay's history,  had no place in the new library.  We complained loud and long - and won!!!  The plans we saw today have a larger designated room than we have in the current library.

Libraries are changing so much these days with all the new technology, many fewer books and more interactive computer driven stuff - way beyond my comprehension at present, but this is the way the young people like it, so the library has to stay relevant.

The library is supposed to be finished and open by August next year, so look forward to some exciting photos then.

 My friend Shirley and I went into the CBD early for the presentation so walked around to see what the revitalisation has supposedly done. These tow photos are of some more of the street art, which i rather like.
  The inspiration apparently came from the collection of gingers in the Botanic Gardens.  Sadly, we found very few open shops and none which would bring us into the CBD to shop.
I was talking to the architect who designed the Library, who had been to a conference recently where Bernard Salt, a well known demographer, was talking.  he thinks Mackay and Karratha in West Australia are likely to lead the way to recovery in the next few years.  I certainly hope he is right.
Now I had better get back to some boring bookwork for the company. 


  1. Well done, sometimes I think the powers that be have no real idea of what is needed.

  2. Great news for the Heritage Collection. People Power wins! Love the street art - it is so colourful and exotic looking. It is such a pity that there seems to be no room for independent shops in all the new complexes that spring up everywhere. They are OK for a bit of window shopping but seldom invite me inside.

  3. Gee Mackay is so changed from the days I was there in 1967. But that is progress from a quiet little country town to a large modern city.
    I still think libraries are relevant but then I am not a teenager.
    Congratulations on winning your way.


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