Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Better late than never

I have been trying to do this post for several days but at last I am here!  The Friends of the Gardens finally made an excursion to a local beach an hour's drive north of Mackay.  The day was fine and the wind was not too strong so we were all happy.

 A friend took most of these photos.  This is a blue tiger butterfly feeding on snakeweed flowers.  We get huge swarms of these butterflies in the Gardens quite often, they make a lovely show.
 We had a park ranger in the group, who said this is the case of a cicada larva.
 He also identified this gorgeous tiny bat as a northerrn tube nosed bat, it would fit in the palm of your hand easily.
 There were a couple of young children in the group so John was explaining to them how the hooks on the legs of this caterpillar, one of the swarming locust varieties, work.  i would like him to have killed it then, but i don't think he did!
 Just showing you what some of the vegetation looked like
 There were quite a few melaleucas flowering
 One minute you are in dense scrub, then a few steps further on you break through to the beach!
 Of course we had to eat after all the walking! The Seaforth Progress Association has erected some wonderful BBQ shelters and picnic tables for everyone to use - they even have lights so can be used at night.
There were two of these lovely Burdekin ducks wandering round and round the shelter, obviously hoping someone would throw them some bread.  Usually they are quite shy, but not this pair - sorry there is only one in the photo.

The weather continues to be quite crazy and still not cold - or not for most people anyway.  Minimums have made it down to 14, which is much higher than the maximums I have been reading on the weather chart for Tasmania!


  1. Looks like my kind of day, love the duck. We did go down to -1 the other mornnig but on the whole relatively warm for winter here, although a change has just gone through with some much needed rain

  2. Beautiful photos - as usual - Robin. That is a gorgeous beach and the insect and plant life is fascinating.

  3. I have not visited for a while so had a lovely read way back to here. You write such an interesting blog Robin, with such clear photos of your lovely plants. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister, and your trip to Brisbane was successful.


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