Friday, 24 April 2015

Books........and reading

 I know I don't post very often these days, I always feel it is a bit boring with no photos, but I have been thinking about books and reading lately.  I have always loved reading, even as a small child - tucking myself under the blankets with a torch to finish a good story!  I'll bet many of you are guilty of that also.

Listening to a book as opposed to reading is a very different experience.  There is no skimming over bits which  don't interest you - or going back to check on another thing you have forgotten!  I can only go back or forwards one chapter at a time which is sometimes very frustrating.  I often forget  the title of the book I am reading as I only hear it the first time I start listening on my MP3 player!  I will  remember the author, so that is something.

The narrator is very important also, some of them are wonderful, often professional actors who almost bring the story to life, with different voices for each character.  Once or twice I have given up on a book simply because I could not bear the voice of the narrator.
I have heard some people say they go to sleep listening to talking books.  I rarely find I am doing that, but I do find  I am drifting off in another direction following my idea of what has just been read instead of continuing to follow the story!  Then I have to work out what has been happening as I can't go back just a few paragraphs - it does encourage concentration.
The other food thing about books on my MP3 player is that I can plug it into my ears and listen to a book while I am ironing or doing other boring jobs around the house.  I often continue to listen when I am out walking as I don't really see much of the scenery these days, and I can actually continue to look anyway.
Bill thinks the MP3 player is an excellent device for me to listen to in bed at night as I don't need the light on and he can go to sleep in peace.
We are enjoying magical Autumn weather here at last, with lovely sunny days - perfect tourist weather, just as we are heading away for a week to a conference in Bundaberg.  The ladies have a wonderful time being shown the sights and wined and dined while the men are working.  I will need to diet for sure when we return, there is always far too much luscious food - and it would be rude to leave it untasted!
Back in a week or two.


  1. It is just nice to see a post, photos don't always matter. Yes I was one of those with a torch under the blanket. Pouring rain and very windy here tonight. John has to lay a wreath at the Dawn Service tomorrow morning, he is prepared with rubber boots, a big rain coat and hat as it is on the foreshore.

  2. A very interesting and thought provoking post - photos not needed! I always asked for books as birthday or Christmas gifts and often do still, and got caught regularly reading under the bedclothes by torchlight. Liking the sound of the narrator's voice is paramount - I have given up on relaxation CDs because a voice sounds irritating. I can see that for you in particular talking books are a godsend and a good book is such good company. Enjoy the conference and have a wicked morsel or two for me.

  3. It is just good to hear from you at all, al to read about what you are doing . I took some talking books on tape one time when we were travelling and it was good to listen to them while driving along out in the west with those long boring highways between towns.
    I now have a mini ipod but only have movies on it..I should enquire whether I can get books onto it. That would be good at night when I cant sleep.
    Good to hear from you Robin.


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