Monday, 21 April 2014

A very relaxing Easter break

I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break as much as we have here.  The weather could not have been better, cooler nights and lovely sunny days.  I had planned to spend most of the time gardening, but somehow that did not happen.
Bill is making a miraculous recovery from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or whatever it is that he has had for the last six months.  He is actually able to go out into the garden and do some pruning and a little bit of building again.  Yippee!
We are going away to the Gold Coast on Anzac Day, heading off to a conference down there.  There will be a lot of walking and standing around so I am very relieved Bill should be okay.

 I did a Gardens roster yesterday, then went for a wander with my camera.  The Gymnosperm garden has grown so much.  I should look for a photo from a couple of years ago to show how bare it was then.
 I never tire of this view
 Thankfully for a short while the lagoon is almost clear of all the water lettuce weed and is looking much nicer.
This skewiff photo shows the latest piece of felt I have made.  It is only small and will go into my section of the souvenirs stand at the Gardens.  Hopefully someone will like it.

i don't seem to have much of interest to say these days, but I should have some lovely photos after we have been away.

Now I really am going out into the garden to throw some fertiliser around.


  1. I nearly missed this post - you must have snuck in behind another one! So glad that Bill is making such good progress. He must have been so bored not able to be active. The Gardens are looking as beautiful as ever and it's good that the weather is being kind. Love that piece of felt - the colours are so vibrant. Enjoy your time away and I shall look forward to more lovely pics.

  2. I think all I need to do is echo what Heather said.I have a nasty feeling that my blog is getting a little boring as the older we get, the less we seem to have to say and small things now give us more pleasure!

  3. Lovely felt Robin. I'm sure someone will leap upon it! I swear I'll get back to mine, but we're off to Melbourne tomorrow morning, so it will have to wait until we return. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Gold Coast and your Bill is energised by the conference.

  4. Those garden photos are beautiful! What nice views you have. So glad Bill is feeling better. The felt is very pretty.

  5. Lovely work you've bee doing & beautiful stitching. Thanks to Virginia for letting me know which Jackie you were felting with, I've only just happened upon that comment!

    Glad things have been improving with your DH, remember it's a strain on both of you so you both need time to recover.

  6. Robin, your felt pieces of art are delightful. I love how you've stamped your own style into them......I can see you have enjoyed Jackie's class.
    Have a wonderful time on the Gold Coast!

  7. Iy is nice to see the gardens so lush and green.

    your little felt piece is beautiful Robin

    It must be such a relief to know Bill is improving so hope you both enjoy the trip to the Gold Coast. I just missed you by one day ..came home on the Saturday after Anzac Day.

  8. That piece of felt is gorgeous Robin. I loved doing that course with everyone.


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