Friday, 7 March 2014

At last - something to show

At last I have had a chance to play a bit with the felting.

 These bits were fun to lay out using prefelts and then felt.  Now I need to stitch to bring out the relief.
 This is the stitching on the first piece I did - without using prefelts.
 My eyesight has really deteriorated and I found I had enormous difficulty seeing what I was machining, so there is nothing very elaborate there.  I cut the piece up and made it into specs cases and bookmarks - much more in my comfort zone!
Look what we have flowering in our back garden!  The Golden Penda (Xanthosteman) which we planted three years ago has finally put on this magnificent display.

 The close up shows the wonderful golden orbs
 and this one shows how they are a pale greeny yellow when the buds are coming out.
This tree is a native of the North Queensland tropics, but has been hybradised to grow as street trees.  They are planted all round Mackay and are making a really wonderful display.  The honeyeaters, large and small, love them.
I am not sure how much longer the flowers will last as we are forecast to have heavy rain for the next three days, as well as strong winds.  I just wish the rain would reach some of the droughted areas of Queensland - 80 % of the state is now officially drought declared, the highest percentage ever recorded.  We are dry here, but keep getting enough to keep us going.  Some of the areas in western Queensland have had virtually no rain for the last two years, which is really heartbreaking for them.  Life on the land can be pretty tough sometimes.


  1. Love those flowers, gorgeous color your felting is interesting. Do wish that inland Qld would get rain.

  2. Your felting is stunning and I love the vibrant colours. No-one seeing them would realise you had a problem with your eyesight. Those blossoms are stunning too and it's a tragedy that the world can't distribute it's rainfall more fairly. I'm sure the UK would gladly contribute to the Australian drought ridden areas.

  3. Love the vibrancy of the colours in your felting. Machine stitching on felt is never easy to see but produces lovely texture .

    A beautiful tree - well worth the wait.

  4. Lovely felting. Those flowers are gorgeous, too. Hope those areas needing rain get some, soon. Weird weather all over, I think.

  5. Lovely colours Robin. I've finally got down to some felting, but I'm finding the stitching is taking me faaaaarrrrr longer than I expected! Deciding where to stitch is also a drawn-out process! Jackie is so skilful! I haven't even got one piece ready to put on Flickr yet - have you?

  6. Beautiful felting & I admire your determination. Great to catch up with you - do you have a link to Jackie?

  7. Hi Emma,
    Jackie's blog is She really does gorgeous work. I bought a broach from her a year or so ago and I love it.


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