Sunday, 9 February 2014

Anniversary time

 Well, 46 years ago today, this was us - now a very crazed photo - but the best I could scan.  I remember it was a very hot, thundery day, but thankfully no rain during the wedding time.  I was very cross with the limousine driver who kept going round the block and would not go to the church as he said there were still too many guests outside!  I ended up being late, which I had determined not to happen!  Nobody minded though.

I am loving Jackie's videos, but I am very frustrated as I want to be able to spend a day felting and following up on all the ideas she has given us - and life keeps getting in the way.  The 'silly season' has ended, school has gone back and all the community groups have woken up.  Together with the seemingly constant round of medical appointments there has been very little time to do much felting.

 These were two pieces from the first couple of lessons, just laying fibres on the base fibres and felting.
Now we have been shown how to make pre-felts and place them on a base to felt - much more interesting.  Hopefully tomorrow I might get to try them out.
I am off to make a case for Bill's new reading glasses.  He carries them in the pocket of his shirt and they get badly scratched - and they are too costly to let that happen with the new ones!
We are actually having a wet morning here, thunderstorms around, but not too close - close enough for Jock to think he needs to attack though.  He is not in the least frightened by thunder, lightning or fireworks - just wants to attack whatever it is.


  1. Such a lovely photo, we were so young and gorgeous and terribly pleased with ourselves!
    I would have loved to have done Jackies class but it is no use doing ones with videos here as we just dont have the reception for them to come through properly, a bit like our digital tv, its hopeless here and they say basically too bad.

  2. Poor Jock - he probably thinks he's doing his duty trying to defend you from the noisy 'marauders'! Love your prefelts and I would have signed up for Jackie's course myself if I hadn't already been working one already. Maybe it'll still be running when mine has finished. Hope you get some time to yourself soon - it's so frustrating when you are ready to go and have too many other things to do first.

  3. Nearly forgot the important bit - Happy Anniversary - love the photo, your dress is so beautiful.

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Your prefelts look great. Enjoy your felting.

  5. Happy anniversary and happy felting - you look to be going great guns on both counts.

  6. Happy were a lovely bride, with a handsome husband.

    Felting has always intrigued me yours if looking very creative.

  7. Happy anniversary.

    Look forward to further progress with the felting.


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