Friday, 22 November 2013

Sorry I have been AWOL

Unfortunately I came home from our wonderful holiday with a horrid stuffy head, not really a cold and not an infection, but it has made me feel miserable for a couple of weeks, so I have not been posting. thank goodness it seems to be improving now, although I am still coughing if I do much talking - some might say that is a good way to shut me up!

I still have not edited most of my photos, but  I had to show you these incredible costumes.  the guest speaker at the conference dinner in Christchurch was Jenny Gillies.  Well, I say speaker, but it was a fantastic presentation, very fast moving and very difficult to photograph, the lighting was far too bright.

 Jenny is a scream, she came out dressed in one of her costumes - there are two models on the stage with her.  They later walked around so we could all get a closer look.
 The only reasonable photos I took were of the costumes on the models spread around the room.  Jenny takes pride in being botanically correct in her costumes, although of course they are all scaled up
 This was one of my favourites, but Jenny said the one below is hers

 This was the only photo of a model walking around which was remotely passable.
 Half way through the presentation she asked for the co-ordinator of the conference to go backstage.  He was joined by about 4 other men, and they all came back out with hats on their heads and acting the fool - again this was the only photo I managed to take.
After the presentation, I was amazed that we were all allowed to handle the hats and try them on.  They are beautifully made, with incredible detail.

This was one of the delegates trying on a pink creation.

 There was a large red hat there which I was told to wear as I have a red hat I always wear when I am out walking
The colours are not quite right in the photo, but again, the lighting made it really hard.
I have put a link to Jenny's website, do take the time to have a look, but you may need to make a cuppa first as it is very extensive.  I can't believe the amount of work she has produced.  She does have others to help her these days,  it would be impossible to achieve all that on her own.  I asked what sort of machine she uses - she has eight Bernina sewing machines and three needle felting machines!
I will be back before too long this time I hope


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Robin. I had a hat custom made when I gave my God daughter away at her wedding. I don't suppose I shall ever wear it again - these are really one off hats aren't they.

  2. You look so elegant in that wonderful hat Robin - I rather fancy the pansy one. The costumes are all exquisite and beautifully made. What a talented lady as well as being so entertaining.

  3. So glad you are feeling better.
    I saw 2 of Jenni's shows here in Adelaide, she was at our Royal show, wonderful ideas and costumes, so sad that apparently she wont be back.

  4. They are look lovely as a Dahlia too! Thanks for persevering with the photography. Its really worth it to these creations. I love the red cabbage dress.


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