Thursday, 14 February 2013

Journal cover

There has not bee too much creating around here lately - life seems to have been an almost continuous round of appointments, and none of them very interesting either! The joys of getting older seem to mean lots of visits to doctors, physios, optometrists, chiropractors etc - but at least we are still here, and still moving! Oh, and throw in a couple of visits to the accountant as well.
I have made a journal cover using one sheet of the oiled paper I made recently.  If you double click you should see a bit more detail.  The base fabric is evalon, coloured with transfer dyes, then sprayed heavily with pearl glimmer mist. That is not showing up in the photo, but gives a lovely gleam to the fabric.  I love evalon, it feels quite like suede.

My camera does not seem to be catching the colours properly, this is a bit dark, but looks washed out if I lighten it any more - at least you get the idea.
Thank heavens the weather has cooled down a bit here, much more bearable.  We had 72mm of very welcome rain yesterday as well, now the sun is shining again.  Our part of the world has been so lucky, missing out on both floods and fires, I feel so sorry for everyone affected by those catastrophes.  The weather seems to be just as crazy in the Northern Hemisphere as well, I hope all my blogging friends there are out of harm's way.


  1. I love your journal cover - the colours are beautiful. I have trouble getting them accurate with my camera too.
    At least all your appointments are keeping you ticking over - our chiropractor is a genius.
    Glad you are cooler now. We had more snow yesterday but it didn't settle thank goodness. Today looks just cold and bright but right for the time of year.

  2. Beautiful colours Robin. I love using Evolon too. So good that it doesn't fray either, a very versatile material. Did you know that it makes a brilliant polishing cloth for windows and cars, no smearing at all. They gave me some offcuts at the place I get some from so that I could try that out!.

  3. Beautiful - I must use evelon more often. It is lovely and adds another dimension to work with.

  4. I read in our paper about the young man who was missing in the bush for three days andmanaged to survive Robin. Itis difficult for us to imagine such desolation and such heat here in the UK, where it is wet and cold.


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