Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Photos at last!

Wow, I have got a photo up!  Now to try for a few more.

I have put up two of the photos from Lone Pine, the rest are of what is flowering around our garden now.  I realise I have shown them twelve months ago, but they are worth seeing again.  I think the Euodia is flowering even better than it did last year, and is full of screaming lorikeets most of the day.  I wish their call matched their lovely coclourings.

I left spaces when I was uploading but blogger is not letting me in between any of these photos.  The top one is my Dichorisandra or blue ginger, though it is not in the ginger family at all.  It is a more intense blue than the photo shows.  The Curcuma (Cape York lily) is hiding its flowers again, I had to pull the leaves apart to take this photo.
The Brunfeltsia has the most magical perfume in the late afternoon and evening.  The flowers come out blue in the morning and fade to white by the next morning.  It flowers several times a year and I love it.
You probably need to click and double click on the photos to see them best, especially this last one of the Cordia which is growing in our neighbour's back yard, but I can see well from my sewing room.  The little honeyeaters love this tree, but I can never manage to take photos of them.  They are not very striking colours, but have beautiful song voices.
Having typed all this I will now see if blogger will publish it for me!


  1. Great photos, glad they came up.

  2. Mission accomplished! Beautiful owl and very handsome grandson, and I love all the pics of the gorgeous blooms around your garden. Our cherry tree is trying to bloom too early again this year but the blossoms are looking very cold today having been covered in snow for several freezing nights. We may get more snow today.

  3. Wow some lovely photo's Robin.

  4. Congratulations on at last getting the photos up.
    I always love seeing your garden Robin, you have some lovely plants. The yesterday, today and tomorrow, has always been a favourite of mine.

    It is great to see photos of your grandson with the owl. Lone Pine is a wonderful place for children.

  5. I must say Robin Mac that I just click on blogger and let it load my photographs where it likes - the idea of trying to fit them in where I want them is far too frustrating. Lovely photos though, so keep going - love the one with the owl.

  6. Beautiful photos Robin. Love the one of your grandson with the owl.


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