Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I forgot to load the photo of what I do to while away the hours while we are travelling. Usually I knit socks, but this time I was knitting a hug-me-tight, having seen the garment and pattern when I was delivering books to an old lady in a nursing home. It doesn't look much now, but I love the colours of the yarn, and acrylic wool mixture from Turkey. The whole thing is knitted in one piece, then the ribbing is stitched up to make two sleeves - looks pretty cool! I hope it looks just as good on me. I have nearly finished it so will show the result shortly. Our car trips nearly always take 8 - 10 hours so there is plenty of scope for knitting in all that time!

these two photos are of a plant in the Gardens a Callicarpa pedunculata, which doesn't have a common name as far as I know. It is an Australian native, not often grown in horticulture, but I love the rick colour of the berries which follow the flowere.

I have just been checking out the Thread Studio website and all the entries in the Connections embellishing challenge are there. They look fantastic, I am so looking forward to seeing them all in real life at the Textile Convention in two weekends time. I really hope the weather in Brisbane improves from what they are experiencing today. Once more they are having gales and flooding and generally appalling weather conditions. The only good thing is that their dams are filling up fast and for the first time in 5 years, Brisbane is officially out of drought.
We have had a gorgeous Autumn day up here, the sort which makes you feel really glasto be alive. The river looked so blue when I drove over it, and there were plenty of fishermen out trying their luck.
I have finally caught up with the ironing and all the notices which I have had to send out so tomorrow afternoon I hope to sneak into my workroom for some play - and the start of some new pieces.


  1. Anynhope of the pattern for you hug me tight? I have been looking for one. The colours look lovely.
    I hope the weather is ok when you get down there too, been pretty wild. Love the plant.

  2. Love the colours in your knitting. Enjoy the Textile Convention. October seems so far off which is when I will get to see the Connections challenge.


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