Friday, 15 August 2008

House hunting and embellishing

I don't have any photos to show tonight- technology not working properly again! the photo editing software doesn't like the new computer setup at present - and I don't like it!!! Some time soon it will all be sorted and we will be back to normal.

We have had absolute bedlam here for the last week. Bill and I looked at a house last Saturday which Dougal and Nikki liked. They talked to the bank on Monday morning, rang at mid-day to say they were on their way up! I ran around in a panic to buy enough food for six extra people, packed away my sewing room, made beds,etc etc. They all arrived in time for a late dinner Monday night, we all went to look at the house on Tuesday morning - after I had been to the podiatrist - they signed a contract on Tuesday afternoon, Bill and I went to a Botanic Gardens committee meeting on Tuesday night, we babysat the small children while Dougal and Nikki sorted out some paperwork in town on Wednesday morning, then they all went home on Wednesday afternoon and I washed and washed and washed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I fell in a big exhausted heap!

All very exciting but I don't care for big rushes like that these days. In my younger days, that seemed to be the story of our life most of the time. Bill often rang me late in the afternoon to say he was bringing 4 or 5 businessmen home for dinner that night, and everything seemed to work out most of the time. I always had the makings of dinner and dessert in the freezer, somehow can't think quickly enough for all of that now.

The first part of Dale's embellisher course was ready to download on Tuesday while all the family was here, and I have still only just touched the surface. At least I have all my stuff spread around the table in the sewing room and I shall really get stuck into it tomorrow. I am determined notto get too far behind this time.

The swimming will be finished by then and I won't be watching the TV quite so much. We are celebrating here in Mackay - we have two Olympic champions so far - Nick Ffrench in the men's relay took silver, and Linda Mackenzie brought the women home in the 200 metre relay to win gold and smash the world record. Fantastic. We also have a Mackay girl Teneal Attard in the women's hockey, and the goalie Steve Lambert in the men's team, as well as Benita Johnson running the marathon. Pretty good effort to produce all those Olympians from here I reckon.

We have been gadding about this week - went to a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie at the local conservatorium last night. The students put on a very good show - much better talent this year than last year. Tomorrow night we are off to see the Queensland Opera perform Mozart's Magic Flute, should be a lovely evening also.

That's enoough rambling for now. Pictures and another post soon.

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